Water procedures with Apple Watch 3: is it possible to take a bath, swim in the sea?

Water procedures with Apple Watch Series 3

Super water-resistant level of Apple Watch Series 3 allows not only bathing and showering with them, but also swimming in a pool or any open waterbody. However, in order to enjoy your gadget as long as possible, you have to consider some aspects.

Personal Care with gadgets of Apple Watch Series 3

Before taking a shower you have to:

  1. Enable the Water Lock mode.
  2. Go to the Control Center.
  3. Click on the water-drop icon.
  4. You can unlock the screen and remove moisture after any water procedures by means of repeated quick turns of the Digital Crown Wheel.
  5. Shampoos, gels, soaps and perfumes can damage waterproof partitions and acoustic membranes of your gadget, so you should avoid any contacts with them.
  6. If some liquid (not water) contacted your watch, it is recommended to wipe the watch with a clean, lint-free, wet cloth and then wipe dry.

Apple Watch 3 on the beach and in the swimming pool

You can dive up to a depth of 50 meters without taking off your Apple Watch gadget of Series 3. The body of your gadget is also protected from fine particles (sand) not letting them get inside. The manufacturer does not recommend diving and water-skiing with this watch, so as not to expose the gadget to deep-sea diving and contact with water at high speed, but you can swim with them on your wrist with almost no restrictions.

But you have to carefully rinse your watch with clean water after swimming in a chlorinated, salty waterbody.

Besides, the Apple Watch gadgets of Series 3 provides the Pool Swimming Mode along with the Water Lock feature described above. If you choose it, it can not only automatically activate the Water Lock, but also allows you to calculate what distance you have covered.

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  1. Karll

    Not a bad article. I would like to see here I also wanted the designation commonly used in the water industry for waterproofing and Apple Watch compliance with this indicator. And then everything would be easier for those who do not want to study themselves. But I still assume that it is better not to bathe with them and it’s not about water resistance, because after a few regular water procedures, they will need to be descaled. ;-)

  2. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Water procedures with Apple Watch 3: is it possible to take a bath, swim in the sea wearing this watch?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  3. Din

    But still, even after this article and after watching a bunch of vidos on YouTube, I’m still afraid to dip them in the water, what to take in the shower, what to bathe. Some kind of fear

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