Where is the i button on the Apple Watch?

Where is the i button on the Apple Watch?

Despite of the fact that iWatch is represented on the domestic market for about two years and managed to win the hearts of the owners, there isn`t much information about them as we would like. If the specifications and reviews about the equipment from the manufacturer can be found in large numbers, then everything regarding software information, various «chips» and detailed descriptions of Apple Watch functions is not so easy to find.

This is due to the fact that the price of a given product does not allow it to be purchased by everyone on the counter, correspondingly people who could share their experience not so much.

Mysterious red dot on Apple Watch

New from the company has a relatively small screen and body, which makes use of a large number of icons in the interface, instead of the usual inscriptions. Many users who just bought it smart don`t understand the meaning of these characters and are looking for help on the Internet.

In addition to the basic intuitive clear icons, explanations for which it isn`t difficult to find or fashionable to guess by sight, sometimes there is a mysterious «i» icon with which people almost never come across. Many gadget lovers are trying to understand:

  • where is it located, this «i» icon;
  • and what functions it performs.

However, they don`t always find the answer to this question.

Connecting Apple Watch and iPhone
Connecting Apple Watch and iPhone
There aren`t many options — the status bar icon, or the button. Apple iWatch is rich on a huge number of different status icons. When you use the watch in different situations, you can see the most different items on the gadget’s screen, for example:

  • is there a synchronization with the phone;
  • put on the mode is «air» or not;
  • and much more.

But this symbol doesn`t appear. Many people think that this is a gadget control element, that is, a physical button, and that where the i button on the Apple Watch is located the scroll wheel. Considering that on the side end of the device there are really two control elements:

  • a wheel;
  • a button (which is the name given to creative users) may seem plausible.

However, you can disappoint the minions of this version, because there is no «i» button on Apple Watch. The scroll wheel is called Digital Crown, and the button under it is completely devoid of the name.

i icon and iPhone and iWatch connection
Photo: i icon and iPhone and iWatch connection

So, where сan you find it?

The «i» icon on iWatch appears during the creation of a pair between a wristwatch technique and their older brother iPhone (like the creation of a pair of smart watches and the Android device). It doesn`t need to do great things, but just to create a pair manually, if automatic creation doesn`t happen for some reason.

In the case when the animation when creating a pair isn`t displayed on the screen or your iPhone can `t recognizes it, you should try connecting the pair by doing these actions:

  1. Put your watch on your hand, select the language you would like to work with and click «Create a pair» on iWatch and «Start pair creation» on your Apple phone.
  2. Click «Create a pair with Apple Watch manually» in the phone.
  3. Click the «i» icon on the Apple Watch (here it is useful). The name of the clock should be shown on the display.
  4. On your mobile phone, you need to select the name of the clock from the last item.

Icon i on Apple Watch
Icon i on Apple Watch
In addition, there is another opportunity to see this symbol. If for some reason you try to create a new pair between iWatch and iPhone and some software problems occur, the Watch program on the phone will ask you to press the «i» icon. To solve this problem, you need to reconnect the devices.

If you manually created a pair, the next time, the devices won`tt automatically reconnect. The break of the pair iPhone and Apple Watch automatically returns the clock to the original factory settings and erases all the data from the wrist gadget. Clocks can`t be synchronized with more than one iPhone.

Advisor to appleiwatch.name, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. Jack Stewart

    Interesting! Real information that I did not know about! I’ve been walking about a year with a clock and I’ve lived without this button.
    Thank you so much. I’ll try on my watch now. I searched for this button «and» for a long time.
    The first site on which I found information about this.
    I will read your publications. I hope I learn a lot for myself.
    And most importantly — I learn a lot of useful information from you

  2. Kim Stiven

    Thank you guys so much! Got an apple watch for birthday and was extremely confused where to find the i button. Seems to be so simple, yet it’s not for people who are not so tech savvy. I’ve had trouble connecting with my iphone for a while. Especially thank you for the video — I’m not that good with technical slang and step descriptions. You just saved me a genius bar visit!

  3. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Where is the i button on the Apple Watch?».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

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