How to measure and control the body temperature in Apple Watch?

How to measure and control the body temperature in Apple Watch

Together with the next iPhone model, at the grandiose presentation in September, Tim Cook also presented the smart watch Apple Watch Series 2, which significantly expanded its functionality compared to its predecessors. They became:

One of the most important changes was the increased ability to monitor your health with the built-in temperature control sensor for iWatch.

App Thermo Watch+
App Thermo Watch+

The Possibilities of Modern Technologies

A few years ago no one asked questions about:

  • how to know your pulse and heartbeat;
  • check the pressure;
  • how to measure body temperature;

with the help of programs and gadgets.

Temperature measurement in a smart watch
Temperature measurement in a smart watch
At the moment, such an opportunity appeared in Apple Watch due to the presence of special sensors. Initially, the smart clock was equipped with the following sensors:

  1. Accelerometer — a small sensor that determines the angle of the device relative to the surface of the Earth;
  2. Gyroscope — module for tracking the orientation and movement of the gadget in space;
  3. Heart Rate Monitor — heart rate monitor, pulse tracking, heart function, pressure;
  4. Light sensor — sensor, automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.

Today, in addition to the above modules, there is also a built-in temperature sensor in iWatch. The module compares the data from the skin and the temperature of the ambient air, thus obtaining the desired result.

App iThermonitor
Foto: App iThermonitor

What applications are needed to control body temperature?

To generate data about your health, the owner of the clock will need the Apple Health program or, as it is called, «Health». It synchronizes with the iPhone and transmits information about:

  • activity;
  • heart rate;
  • other parameters.

In addition to receiving the indicators from the sensor on the Apple Watch, information about the body temperature can be entered manually. On the basis of the Health Kit, Stefano Vecchiati developed the iThermonitor application, which can be downloaded here. The tool is designed not only for smart clocks, but also for the iPhone. The difference is that in a smartphone, calculations are performed with the help of a camera:

  • you need to attach a finger to it;
  • after which the program will calculate the required indicators.

Integration of applications

The iThermonitor application integrates with «Health», allowing you to synchronize existing data. In addition, to control the temperature in the watch Apple Watch, thanks to the program, you can create a daily schedule:

  • the minimum;
  • the maximum;

readings for the week.

The results obtained with the help of a smart clock can be entered into another tool — ThermoWatch +, which can be downloaded here. It also works on the basis of HeallthKit and registers body temperature, including basal body temperature. It does not produce measurements, but it allows you to track the dynamics of well-being.

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