Top 32 best and useful applications and programs for Apple Watch

Top-32 best and useful applications and programs for Apple Watch

Apple iWatch is a new fashionable gadget that has the ability to install high-quality applications. You can choose from more than 10,000 applications, but not all of this is worthwhile. These programs are available in the Apple Store.

Overview of interesting applications for Apple Watch

These applications are free and paid. The best free apps on Apple Watch are as follows.

  1. Twitter makes it possible to watch tapes and do retweets.
  2. In Instagram, you can view your favorite pictures, and do not have to take a smartphone.
  3. 1Password allows you to collect codes and pin-code from bank cards.
  4. Uber — the opportunity to order a taxi directly from the wrist.
  5. Evernote is a service for introducing notes.
  6. Instapaper — make archive of articles and convert them to voice.
  7. Clicker — the ability to do operations with numbers.
  8. Shazam defines any cool song: just shake your hand, and the app will determine who the author is and who sings, even the lyrics of the song, if you suddenly want to sing.
  9. Night Sky — the ability to change the picture of heaven in any foreshortening, there is a paid version.
  10. Trivia Crack allows you to play at the famous quiz, competing with people around the world. If you win, you will get symbols resembling little men that symbolize the level of the game.
  11. Slopes — a fitness supplement, allows you to record the speed, distance traveled and pace. On a smartphone it’s hard to do, and on the clock Apple iWatch — it’s easy and simple.
  12. Hole19 is one of the supplements for golf lovers.
  13. TripAdvisor helps you to orientate on unfamiliar spaces or to show all the places where you can eat well, relax.
  14. Google Maps is an important and useful application for Apple Watch. There is an analogue and more abruptly, but the routing of the way home, to work and just walk it shows very well.
  15. Lifesum is a personal financial trainer who monitors the number of calories you consume throughout the day, and helps you calculate the calories consumed while playing sports.
  16. SoundHound — Listen to any tracks with this add-on. Telegram is a popular messenger from Pavel Durov, creator and founder of the social network Vkontakte. More information about the Telegram can be read at the specified link.
  17. Viber is another popular messenger. More about him Viber, you can read on the link.
  18. WhatsApp — this instant messenger completes the list of the most popular. A couple of years ago this application was bought by Facebook. More about WhatsApp Messenger, you can read on the link.
  19. Navigator and Yandex. Maps are well-known services from Yandex, which have gained immense popularity on computers. Read more about them here. Yandex. Money — this application, the company Yandex specifically developed for the smart watch Apple Watch.
  20. Smart alarm clock for iWatch — read the link for more details.
  21. Fitness Activity — the program considers the amount of calories spent, pulse monitoring, the topic of movement and more.
  22. Sleep++ is a sleep analysis application.
  23. Apple Health is an application that analyzes all the basic functions of the human body, such as pressure, heartbeat, pulse, and others. More information about this application can be read here and here.

Enumerate all applications doesn`t make sense, because there are many, and not all of them are needed.

Paid applications for Apple Watch

The diversity of this list can`t be described — as far as there are useful and interesting.

  1. Clear — the most useful application for Apple Watch for writing remarks. Think for the interface iWatch. A positive side — ease of use, negative side — not very cheap cost (299 RUB).
  2. Hydra makes amazing images on a smart clock. The cost is 279 RUB.
  3. «My Water» will calculate the right amount of water. The cost is 59 RUB.
  4. Weather Live gives all the information about the weather for a day, hour, minute for a specific location. The price is 119 RUB.
  5. Fantastical 2, helps to record all meetings, plans in the calendar. There is a possibility to write down, simply having pressed on the program and having spoken the meetings. Disadvantage — the program does not understand Russian, but if you speak English, German, Spanish, it will be convenient for you.
  6. BBC News — all the news of the countries and the world are grouped in this program, you can read or see.

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Comments: 6
  1. Jack

    I can’t live without my Apple Watch!!! first of all, in one word, its apple product and its the first reason you can trust this supply. Second its very comfortable to hang on your wrist… third, its almost your mini phone, you can do a lot of stuff with it. Apple watch is very useful and not very costly… only one thing, I would prefer if it will be a little more bigger or elongated, so it would be more comfortable to use. I give 4 out of 5, only because of small size, but I love it anyway.

  2. versim

    I really liked the Apple Watch 4. This watch is very interesting and beautiful design, and also drew attention to the processor S 4, it turns out it is very powerful. I certainly wanted to buy them, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time, but one day my friend got ahead of me in the purchase and let me use them, there was a good opinion about these watches. At the moment I didn’t see any better hours

  3. Sergy

    I bought myself an Apple Watch. Absolutely no regrets. A very handy thing, allows you to not get the iPhone every time from your pocket. All notifications can be read on the Apple Watch. Incredibly happy with my purchase. I bought myself an Apple Watch. Absolutely no regrets. A very handy thing, allows you to not get the iPhone every time from your pocket. All notifications can be read on the Apple Watch. Incredibly happy with my purchase. You can install many applications on your watch.

  4. Alex (author)

    We present to you our article «Top-32 best and useful applications and programs for Apple Watch».
    We are waiting for your questions, suggestions and feedback on the topic.

  5. Olya

    I have an Apple watch for a very long time. I imagine a life of him in general! We need a gadget nowadays. How many times did he help me at the exams. Huh. I also run with him every morning. It calculates my calories, time and how much more I have to run. Generally I started using my phone less and it’s great! I am very glad that there are different programs that can be downloaded to it.

  6. Max

    Personally for my taste, most of these applications I do not use. Since it’s personally for me, and maybe not just me, it’s easier to get a smartphone and use the shazam, for example, where you can immediately listen to music you shazamed. There is of course a must have application, for example fitness activity, and a smart alarm clock. I use them very often. The article is very useful, you can find many cool applications that you have not heard about. before. ;-) :smile:

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