How to determine the AirPods degree of water resistance?

How to determine the AirPods degree of water resistance?

You can find the real technological wonders in the modern world. For example, Apple company introduced the latest AirPods, that are water resistant.

The most interesting thing is an ability of headphones to work even they got wet by the rain or were dropped into the water for a few minutes. The watches and the mobile phones have an ability lake this.

How waterproof are AirPods?

The new headset from the world-famous company Apple can be connected to any type of iPhone. Beside this, AirPods are reliably protected from:

  • acquiring scratches;
  • a jet of water;
  • dust formation.

Design engineers remind constantly that the product does not have official water resistance mark, so you should stop trying to test this function.

However, each user, who placed the headphones into the washing machine`s drum or placed it on the bottom of the aquarium, can confirm confidently that after this the headset continues to work.

The experiments with AirPods did not always complete successfully: in fifteen percent of cases the headphones had some problems like:

  • the charging case stopped working or worked intermittently:
  • the headset did not work good enough after getting into water.

AirPods Headphones

What does Apple AirPods instruction manual guarantee?

Some waterproof functions are confirmed by tests that were conducted in the concern and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Apple AirPods instruction manual indicates that headphones:

  • can be controlled by touch;
  • have a voice control option;
  • is reliably protected from all types of mechanical damages;
  • does not let dust in.

Most experts agreed that you should not risk your favorite headphones (the price is about thirteen thousand rubles) for the sake of silly experiments.

AirPods Headphones in the Rain

Specialists do not get tired of reminding that AirPods does not have the waterproofing guarantee, but if you will have them in the rain, everything will be fine. However you should not dive with your AirPods.

If you tested your headphones and put them in the water, then you can not get your money back with the warranty card.

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    Thanks for your article. This is very useful for me. I was constantly worried about waterproof my AirPods. I wanted to check it out myself already. Now this is not necessary. You described everything in detail and clearly. Finally I can walk in the rain with my AirPods and listen to my favorite music!
    I did not know that this is not included in the warranty case.(: Шок:

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