AppStore asks for money for free apps: why and what to do?

AppStore asks for money for free apps

Apple service systems have got a «wonderful» habit of asking its users to certify the fact of payment. The shocking phrase «Confirmation required…» makes users feel indignation. It’s especially strange to confirm anything if you purchase a completely free app. But don’t hurry to consider this a treacherous extortion.

Why can AppStore request payment data confirmation?

  • you have created an account recently and are attaching a bank card to this account for the first time;
  • your bank card was reissued: it was updated due to its expired date, or you issued a new one to replace the lost one;
  • you really bought something and forgot it; the payment system has the property of debiting funds for several purchases, that is, the last purchase wasn’t debited from the balance, and you forgot it.

Attention! If you have unpaid purchases or subscriptions, you won’t be able to purchase anything new (even for free) until the debt is paid.

Опция «iTunes Store и App Store»

What to do if the AppStore requests payment confirmation?

  • Before confirming anything, follow this path: «Settings» — «Name» — «iTunes Store and App Store».
  • Click the top line of the «Apple ID» screen, then «View Apple ID».
  • At the bottom of the page, click «Subscriptions» and delete all the unnecessary information.
  • Find the «Purchase History» tab, recollect what you bought and whether you owed any money.

Опции «Подписки» и «История покупок»
Фото: Опции «Подписки» и «История покупок»
If the system continues to require confirmation after these operations, enter your current card details. After that, you can follow one of the two paths:

  1. The system will still debit some funds if it considers it necessary. In this case, you can call the support service to discuss the problem. To maximize the chances to solve the problem favorably for you, this should be done hot on the trail.
  2. The error might disappear, and free apps will be downloaded without any further questions.

Practice shows that most often users tend to forget about their past purchases and just recklessly tick their subscriptions. As long as the AppStore system doesn’t start debiting funds, we receive SMS messages from the banks, and the forgetful owner just won’t move. Read more carefully what you buy and pay attention to the light versions: they might automatically become paid after the promotion period is over.

Advisor to, co-author of articles. Has been working with Apple products for over 10 years.

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  1. Nastyuha

    Thank you for your help! Now I managed to figure out how to use AppStore correctly. When my Appstore began to demand money from me for free operations, I was very scared and nervous. I called my friends for a long time, but they did not know why it was happening. My parents were also in shock. They yelled at me. Then I decided to look for information on the Internet. This instruction saved me!

  2. Maksim

    Someday I tried to install free application, and to my surprise appstore asked about payment information. I thought that is some trouble with this program, but another installation had the same problem. At once, I started to seek solutions and I found this article. So you were right. Using «Purchase History» I found software, its trial version has expired. I deleted it and the problem disappeared too. Thank you very much, next time I shall be more careful.

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