What calculator apps are available for Apple Watch?

What calculator apps are available for Apple Watch?

Despite technological progress, the emergence of robots and various smart devices, certain things remain irreplaceable under any circumstances. We are talking about calculators. The need to quickly produce mathematical calculations makes smartwatch owners wonder how to turn Apple Watch into a calculator? To do this, you just need to install on your device the app of your choice.

Calculator apps for iWatch smartwatches

There are many programs of this sort for smartwatches in the App Store. To see them, click this link. The most popular among them are:

  • Calcbot.
  • tizi Calc.
  • calc.
  • Calculator Watch.


Calcbot is the most functional and convenient application. In addition to standard computing actions, the program is equipped with a currency converter, as well as a unique tip counter for the number of guests as a percentage.

Математические вычисления в iWatch
Математические вычисления в iWatch

Performing arithmetic operations

The calculator section is based on Force Touch, which is responsible for arithmetic functions on the Apple Watch. For the convenience of users, the developers have made it possible to get the results of calculations on the screen directly, without additional clicks.

Расчет чаевых, арифметические операции, конвертация валют в CalcBot


You can convert the following values in this program:

  • From Euro to dollar;
  • From miles to kilometers;
  • From Fahrenheit to Celsius;
  • From pounds to kilograms.

Конвертация валют в Apple Watch

Tip calculation

Calculating tips is quite simple. You just need to enter:

  • the number of guests;
  • the amount of the commission.

The application will show you the exact amount of tips for each person.

Расчет чаевых на iWatch

tizi Calc

tizi Calc is the second calculator app for Apple Watch that deserves special attention. Calculations are performed in an absolutely standard way, just as in the previous application. tizi Calc knows how to convert values and count tips to waiters.

It is distinguished by a variety of themes, from the brutal to the most glamorous ones, so that any user will be able to find something to their liking. In general, it’s just as functional as its aforementioned competitor.

tizi Calc

calc and Calculator Watch

The other two calculators (calc and Calculator Watch) are equipped with a standard numeric set without any additional options, unlike the previous programs. But they are quite pleasant to use.


While the Apple Watch Calculator makes calculations at the level of an elementary school, it will become a simplified version of the engineering calculator. In addition to its ability to make relatively powerful calculations, it also has voice input.

Calculator Apple Watch
Фото: Calculator Apple Watch


The program was designed specifically for Apple Watch. It doesn’t have any special features, but still, there are some advantages:

  1. Large buttons.
  2. You can use the Force Touch function (you should force to press on the display).
  3. The solution can be displayed on your phone, or you can copy the received information on your phone.
  4. The app supports multiple languages.
  5. Children from 4 years old can use this program.

NanoCalc Калькулятор


The program can work on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Along with a user-friendly interface and large buttons, it has a number of other advantages:

  • You can calculate trigonometric values, raise them to the square root, calculate logarithms.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • You can control the display animation during operation.

DayCalc Заметка Калькулятор

Instead of a conclusion

On the AppStore, you can find other similar apps, but the above-mentioned ones perform better than the others. These calculators will help with many everyday tasks, and together with a fitness tracker, they can cover 80% of key tasks. To install a calculator on the iWatch is very simple — you just need to download free software and start calculating.

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  1. Zarmisel

    I use Calcbot app because of his functional. It gives me all of ingeneering formulas that I need in my job outside of office. Calculation is always correct, hadn’t see a single error or lag on this app. But I like interface of tizi Calc, if you use app for a longtime per hour, this app cannot get bored you. I tried a few time this, and can recommend it for a creative people who needs a few math computing.

  2. Adham

    The Apple calculator is very handy. If you install this app, the calculation will be easier. The quality of the design is unique. All calculation operations are placed. I used to have a hard time calculating. My friend advised me to install an apple calculator on my phone. I installed this app right away. I’m fine now. I have no difficulty in calculating. The app is great. I recommend you too.

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