Apple Watch won’t update: what to do and what are the solutions?

Apple Watch won't update: what to do and what are the solutions?

The problem of not being able to update the Apple Watch operating system to the Watch OS version is quite common for most users. Especially for them, Apple has added full information on how to use the watch to solve this problem.

Option 1

  1. First, the user needs to delete his or her account set for the demo version. The majority of users tend to use such accounts. This increases the probability of the device being blocked.
  2. After such a block, a device with an installed profile won’t be able to receive notifications about Watch OS updates and product innovations.
  3. When the account is deleted and updates are not uploaded to the gadget anymore, you should break the pair with your smartphone, and then reconnect the watch to your Android or Apple device once again.

Option 2

  • restart the watch without pressing the Digital Crown wheel. Don’t forget to reset the iPhone paired to your watch. The reboot shouldn’t be forced;
  • then you need to update the watch software once again via your smartphone;
  • if the installations don’t load, select the Watch app on your iPhone, and then open «My watch» in the menu, then «Basic», then «Usage», then «Software». Then delete the update file and try downloading and installing it once again.

If your Apple Watch still doesn’t update, contact customer service.

Apple Watch won't update
Photo: Apple Watch won’t update

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    An unexpected update issue occurred while using the Apple Watch. The device has not been updated to the Watch OS version. I read a lot of articles and I didn’t find any solutions. I saw this article and was happy. Everything is written in clear and simple language. I realized that many people face this problem. Thank you to the authors for their help.

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