Apple Watch 5 overview: new features, pros and cons, usage features

Apple Watch 5 Review

Apple Watch 5 is a smartwatch that can easily replace all the user’s wristwatches or fitness trackers. Apple smartwatches are highly functional and make life so much easier for their owners who try to keep active. With each new generation, Apple Watch strives for perfection and opens up new facets of the possibilities of this wrist gadget.

New features of Apple Watch 5

First, with the advent of the 5th generation, the Watch got a new operating system, Watch OS 6. Secondly, the developers added new functionality and optimized the old programs in the new operation system:

  • Notification center: now you can group your notifications conveniently. You can forget about that long message feed coming from the same messengers and applications. Messages are now displayed in groups. In addition to the usual system for deleting notifications, there are additional options for disabling the sound of notifications from a specific application only. You can also disable the sound from all programmes at once.
  • Control point. Now you can reorganize icons according to your own taste. After clicking the «Change» button, the icons vibration mode is activated, after which you can drag the icons as it is convenient for you.
  • The «Do not disturb» mode now has additional features: «Enable for 1 hour», «Enable until tomorrow morning» and «Enable until I leave my current location».
  • Notification center and control point can now be opened in any application via a deep tap with a swipe.

Design Apple Watch 5

  • There is a three-dimensional animation now between transitions and switching apps and notifications.
  • You can now selectively connect to any available networks via the Wi-Fi settings. This feature is activated when the iPhone is not close to its owner or simply not available. For this purpose, a special «Website Data» section was added to the main settings. Here you can clear all your website data when necessary.
  • There is a new option for entering password characters through drawing. The system recognizes characters very accurately. You can also respond to messages by drawing on the screen, but for now this feature is available only in English. You can still read messages using the voice assistant, send emoticons and pre-prepared responses or gestures.
  • Cards were added to Siri dial to display information from third-party apps. The manual color of this dial was also changed: now it’s gray instead of green-purple-blue gradient.
  • Apple Watch 5 supports web content now. For example, now the owner will no longer see the message «Open iPhone to view content» in the Mail app. And that’s great!
  • One of the innovations that remain invisible to the eye is that Apple Watch 5 can be updated automatically at night and supports streaming not only from Apple Music, but also from third-party apps.

And the most pleasant innovation is: now you can see the time and important information on the watch screen at any time.

Always On Display Function
Photo: Always On Display Function

What’s new in Apple apps

  1. Podcasts: you no longer need to download third-party applications. The utility will load your favorite podcasts automatically. It is possible to view libraries on the iPhone that are integrated on the watch. This allows you to play podcasts on your smartphone.
  2. Timer: the «Recent» option is now available, where the last 3 configured countdown modes are stored.
  3. Training: 2 new types of training were added, yoga and Hiking. There is a warm-up day in «Hundred Days».
  4. Weather: you can edit the list of cities directly from your watch and add new localities via dictation. You can delete cities by deep tapping on the screen with the forecast for the corresponding city. To switch between the «Rain», «Temperature», and «Weather» screens, touch the central part of the screen, and the modes will switch. If you scroll down on the weather screen, you can see the UV level, wind speed, and the forecast for the next 10 days.
  5. World time: there is a new feature for adding a locality without an iPhone.

Changes introduced to the Watch app on iPhone

  • The Workout app now has a reminder function for the start and the end of your workout. This option is also available on the watch.
  • In the «Share» tab of the «Activity» application, the user can call his or her friends for a 7-day competition, tracking the process with a daily link.

Screen Apple Watch 5

Pros Of Apple Watch 5

  • Numerous new features.
  • Screen brightness can be adjusted.
  • Some applications have been adjusted for the better.
  • System bugs have been fixed.
Built-in compass in Apple Watch 5
Photo: Built-in compass in Apple Watch 5

Cons Of Apple Watch 5

  • No new dials were added. However, a new color has been added to the existing dials — apricot, which can also be used as wallpaper.
  • As previously, the watch doesn’t work correctly with some third-party applications.
  • Due to the power consumption of the constantly switched on screen, battery life has decreased by 50%. The clock needs recharge every 1 day instead of every 2 days.
  • There is no sleep tracking mode.


To sum it up, the new Apple Watch 5 is nothing more than a slightly updated Apple Watch 4. It would be a stretch to call the iWatch 5 a separate generation of gadgets. It still uses the same hardware, and its design hasn’t changed either. It should be noted however that more and more third-party straps manufacturers are bringing diversity to the world of Apple Watch.

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    We present to you our article «Apple Watch 5 overview: new features, pros and cons, usage features».
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  2. Dumitru

    The new watch looks a lot like apple watch 4 but the performance has increased by optimizing the applications and with the new operating system Watch OS 6 will be very asked. As always he is stylish and sits well on anyone’s hand.
    I can’t wait to buy myself the Apple Watch 5, from the experience I gained from wearing the Apple Watch 4 I’m sure the new watch won’t disappoint anyone. :idea: ;-)

  3. Daria Riche

    My introduction to the new watch started with the advice of my best friend. He purchased them and immediately told me about their convenient functionality. As a sports person, I needed a watch with such a wide range of tasks. I purchased them almost immediately after a friend and now my favorite feature is saving the last 3 configured countdown modes. Please tell me where you can study future innovations in Apple watches?

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