Comparing Apple Pencil 1 and 2: what are the main differences, which stylus (pen) to choose?

Comparing Apple Pencil 1 and 2

Apple Pencil is a high-quality, affordable and convenient tool for drawing, as well as placing notes and explanations. Since there are already several types of such devices, each of them has its own advantages. For example, the latest version of this pen may stick to your iPad in order to recharge.

In addition, Apple Pencil can understand your touch and change to an eraser when you double-tap it. It’s worth noting that this relatively new pen will make the work even more simple and convenient.

Apple Pencil 1 and 2 compatibility

It’s worth noting that Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 are fully compatible with certain types of equipment by the same brand.

A genuine Apple Pencil is compatible with:

  • iPad Rro 10.5 inches.
  • 12.9 inches.
  • 9.7 inches.
  • And also with the iPad (2018).

Зарядка Apple Pencil 1

As for Apple Pencil 2, the gadget works with several other devices:

  • IPad Pro (2018) 11 inches.
  • IPad Pro (2018) 12.9 inches.

Of course, in the future, there may be some other additions and innovations that will allow you to use the gadgets with other types of devices.

The main differences between the two types of handles

There are not so many differences that could immediately catch your eye. First of all, you should pay attention to the following innovations:

  1. The size of the new Apple Pencil 2 is much smaller if compared with the first model. This happened due to opting out of the Lightning connector.
  2. The stylus has become less rounded, and therefore more convenient for drawing.

As you can see, there are no significant differences, but the size serves a very important indicator.

Regarding the dimensions of the pens, they remained almost unchanged:

  • Apple Pencil — 175.5 * 8.9 and weighs 20.7 grams.
  • Apple Pencil 2 — 166 * 8,9 and weighs 20.7 grams.

So there are just minimal changes in this aspect.

Charging Apple Pencil 1 and 2

As for the first model of the device, it used a Lightning connector designed to be recharged from the iPad. It’s worth noting that this method of charging was not the most convenient for many users.

Now it’s all left behind. Apple Pencil 2 allows you to charge your device by simply holding it up to the edge of your iPad Pro (2018). The device must be fixed in this position.

Main features of Apple Pencil 1 and 2

It’s worth noting that these gadgets have some features which weren’t unavailable to users until now. On Apple Pencil 2, you can use gestures to control the device. You can also use tap to switch the device to drawing mode.

Apple Pencil 2 has become even more convenient

You can try merging with the iPad Pro:

  • If you bring the Apple Pencil close to your iPad Pro fast enough, you will hear a distinctive clicking sound.
  • After the devices are paired, Apple Pencil will start charging.
  • You can always use your own fingers to change the device.

Зарядка Apple Pencil 2

Several advantages should be emphasized at once:

  • Brand new design. It’s worth noting that the latest version of Apple Pencil doesn’t have any connectors and separate parts, and therefore it’s even easier to store it.
  • You can connect and charge your device wirelessly. To charge it, just place Apple Pencil on the right side of the Apple iPad Pro. In addition, it’s possible to charge both devices simultaneously.
  • It’s worth noting that you can change the drawing mode just by touching, right while you are working, which until now wasn’t possible with any similar device.

Apple Pencil is an amazing tool for art

It’s worth noting that Apple Pencil is the perfect tool for creative people. You can not only draw but also write down your thoughts and ideas, as well as create most unusual cartoons and exciting sketches. It’s worth remembering that you can go to the App Store at any time and download special apps for Apple Pencil, thereby expanding the capabilities of your device even further.

Возможности Apple Pencil

The following important features should be highlighted:

  1. The device will be interesting for both children and adults.
  2. It’s a great tool for developing your creative abilities.
  3. It renders all of your hand movements with incredible precision.

The description of the benefits can go on further, but it’s better to try using the device just once by yourself to understand it all. Especially now that the price of Apple Pencil has reduced, the gadget has become available to nearly everyone.

Relatively recently, another Apple presentation was held. There, the latest models of this technology were demonstrated, as well as the iconic Apple Pencil 2. It’s worth noting that this product was a success for the company, although it also had its drawbacks. Which digital pen was used in Pencil 2? What has changed? These and many other questions will be answered below.

Cost and configuration of Apple Pencil 1 and 2

As for the cost of the device, it has significantly increased and amounted to slightly over 10.000 Russian rubles, which is almost 3000 more than the price of the Apple Pencil.

The package of Apple Pencil 1 contains:

  • a pen;
  • an adapter;
  • a tip.

Комплектация Apple Pencil 1

The second version of the device consists of only one pen without any extra details.

Which model to choose? This question remains open. However, if we talk about the convenience of work, Apple Pencil 2 has definitely become much better and more reliable.

Комплектация Apple Pencil 2

What can discourage a person from buying this device?

The disadvantages of this device are not that numerous, but still, there are some:

  1. The first and biggest drawback is the price. Indeed, not every user is ready to pay 10.000 roubles for a pen that can just draw and write text.
  2. Another disadvantage is that the Pencil can’t be used on older devices.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that buying Apple Pencil 2 makes sense only for those people who work with graphics or text programs on a regular basis. Everyone else should buy such pens only out of curiosity.

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