What is the standard AirPods package: unpacking wireless earbuds?

What is the standard AirPods package

After the sensational release of the iPhone 7 and 7+ phones, many users were dissatisfied with the innovations. As you know, Apple phones don’t have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack anymore. Instead, a new interface called Lightning and airpods wireless headphones were introduced.

Unboxing the wireless earbuds

Let’s analyze the standard AirPods package and the process of unboxing of the delivered product:

  1. As with most Apple devices, the earbuds are packaged in a small white box designed in a minimalistic style.
  2. On the front side of the box you can see an image of the earbuds themselves, and on the back you can see a storage case and a charging device. Here you can also see a small block that contains technical information about the device. On the side of the box there is the «AirPods» inscription in the classic Apple style.
  3. As soon as the box is open, the user will immediately see a small stack of product documentation. This includes technical papers, instructions for syncing the earbuds with your mobile device, and the operation manual.
  4. Under the papers there is a small «bath», where the case with the earbuds is placed.
  5. After the user removes the case from the box, he will need to remove the «bath» itself, since the cord for charging the device is located under it. Just as with other Apple devices, the charging system consists of a power supply and a Lightning cord.

This is the standard package of the original Apple headphones, not fake or Chinese ones.

Unboxing the wireless earbuds
Photo: Unboxing the wireless earbuds

The mechanism and the capabilities of the earbuds

The developers claim that these headphones are not just a compact and convenient device, but also a unique one with a lot of advantages, including:

  • long battery life;
  • extremely high quality of the reproduced sound.

Are AirPods earbuds waterproof?

Connecting and configuring the device is extremely simple. Just open the case next to your phone and the latter will automatically offer to sync your devices.

Other features of the earbuds:

  • According to the manufacturer, AirPods are compatible with absolutely any Apple device, from the iPhone product line to the Apple Watch smartwatch.
  • If you lose your earbuds or in case they are stolen, you can use your iPhone to find them.
  • Normally, fully charged AirPods can last for 4−5 hours. To recharge them, you should put the device in a special case for just 15 minutes, and you can carry the case with you.

Are AirPods earbuds waterproof?

Comparing AirPods 1 and 2: advantages, features, cost

AirPods contain many different sensors that can improve the performance of the device. If the user takes the earbuds out of his or her ears, they automatically turn off and switch to battery saving mode. But this feature has a disadvantage as well — sometimes the earbuds don’t fit well in the ears and fall out of them unintentionally.

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    We present to you our article «AirPods package from the manufacturer: what does it consist of, unpacking Apple earbuds?».
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  2. Martin

    I always used wired headphones, but I came across this article and decided to buy myself airpods. As indicated in the article, the battery life is really long, the headphones recharge in 10−15 minutes. Connecting to the phone is at the magic level, I really brought the case to the phone for the first time, made synchronization and now, to start listening to music with headphones, I just need to take them and put them in my ears! I would also like to know more about the waterproof performance of the headphones, unfortunately this article is not written about. But in general, the article tells in detail about all the advantages of airpods. I recommend reading it!

  3. Valeria

    I bought wireless headphones on the advice of my snowboard partner. I think this is one of my best solutions for convenient sports. The headphones connect very quickly and accurately to my Iphone and most importantly for me it is great to use in the cold weather, because when I snowboard it is always a winter. Interesting fact, no matter how many times I fell into snowdrifts, the music in the AirPods continued to play without interruption. I am madly waiting for colored headphones to appear, can you tell me when to expect such models? :?:

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