AirPods 2: overview, technical characteristics, advantages, cost

AirPods 2 review

Released in 2016, the first AirPods wireless earbuds once again created a revolution in the mobile device industry. In 2019, without any intriguing announcements or large-scale promotions, the second generation of AirPods 2 was released. So it passed nearly unnoticed that the users of Apple gadgets received powerful earbuds that can work without charging for 5 hours. This is one and a half times more than the previous version.

Airpods 2 Design

There is only one main difference from the previous model: the charging indicator is now located on the outside of the case. However, there are rumours about the upcoming release of a black cover. In addition, the size of the case will be slightly increased, its body will become matte and pleasant to the touch.

AirPods 2

AirPods 2 Performance

This is the most important update that has qualitatively changed the approach to wireless earbuds. With the powerful updated H1 processor, the stability of the connection has increased significantly. This reduces battery consumption by 30% and reduces signal latency while playing games as well. Data transfer during the transition from one gadget to another is accelerated by 2 times and when making calls — by 1.5 times.

Battery charge

  1. Lower power consumption due to the installation of a new powerful yet economical processor increased the autonomy of the headphones by at least one and a half times. In AirPods 2, you can listen to your favorite tracks for 5 hours or talk on the phone for 3 hours without charging.
  2. The process of charging does not take much time. After spending just a quarter of an hour in the case, AirPods 2 are ready to be used again for another 2−3 hours.
  3. Following a good tradition of Apple, the updated case supports the Qi standard wireless charging.

Voice assistant

Insert AirPods 2 in your ears and say «Hi, Siri». To hear this magic phrase will be enough for your smartphone to automatically switch to voice assistant mode.

Voice assistant Airpods 2
Photo: Voice assistant Airpods 2
External noise can be muted and the microphone can be turned on without touching the iPhone. One of the useful questions that Siri is always ready to answer is the battery percentage of the earbuds themselves.

How much does AirPods 2 cost

  1. The basic set of headphones costs about 13.500 rubles.
  2. If you choose a case with wireless charging, the price will increase by 3.000 rubles.
  3. The updated case is also suitable for the first AirPods. It is sold separately for 6.600 rubles.

It was anticipated that the next generation of AirPods would enter the market. Of course, the owners of iPhones, iPads, and Macs were happy to see the battery life of their earbuds increased and to save on battery consumption. But AirPods 2 are more of an intermediate stage rather than a global updated gadget. We are looking forward to seeing the continuation.

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  2. Виктория

    In my opinion, the most comfortable, pleasant-looking wireless headphones from Apple. I use these headphones. Very convenient, no wiring is loose, the cord is not broken as on the wire. Apple perfectly keep zaryat. Visually, it seems that they are large, but when you insert them in the ear, all doubts are dispelled, very compact. And it’s good that they have a special case.

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